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by NoiV

Amnesia and more.




Welcome, readers!

If new, please come this way, to read The Secrets of the Afterlife from the beginning! If you're not, please go there, or the last page you must've read last month.

This update counts 9 pages! And what for? The girl reveals herself really strange. What will Miyako and Mizuki do about this?


*Remember, this manga is a yuri manga [= romance/sex between girls]. NSFW flags. One update a month.*


by NoiV

Girls and girls.

I must explain what The Secrets of the Beyond is talking about, before receiving any complain.

This is basically a yuri manga. If you can't bear it, don't follow it.

So, here are the things you must know before starting reading it:

• All the flags will be used. Keep that in mind.

• Sexual and romance between girls will be shown.

• I've drawn it like japanese manga series: from right ot left.

• Even though there are sexual contents, you won't see any genitals.


If you approve of those things, you may enjoy that manga. \O/